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Insurance Plans Accepted

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Point-of-Service Collections

POS collections require clients with insurance policies featuring annual deductibles to pay an upfront fee for each session attended. UpWords Speech charges a $45 fee upfront on the day of service. As our policy states, a payment card is REQUIRED for ALL services in order to charge this rate automatically. These payments will go toward paying down any out-of-pocket costs associated with the visit such as copays or coinsurance amounts.


What if this rate is more than my insurance requires?

Your rate will be adjusted AFTER your insurance processes your claims and states your liability for each session. If you have paid more than what is required, we’ll be happy to reimburse you or provide you with a credit for any following sessions.


Why can’t we just wait for insurance to process the claims?

Insurance is slow with processing claims. Sometimes claims are processed up to 2-3 weeks AFTER your appointment. If you have any questions about what you are liable for, ALWAYS verify this information with your insurance company first.

Don't see your insurance plan? Our Therapy Membership Plan may be right for you. Sometimes this rate is lower than what your liability is with your current health insurance plan. Here's what you'll get:

  • $150 for an evaluation

  • A treatment plan developed by your child's speech therapist

  • 1 flat monthly rate of $235

  • weekly sessions

  • Monthly invoices to submit to insurance for your possible reimbursement 

  • Telehealth options available for sessions

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Eligibility Requirements

  • Must have ONLY COMMERCIAL HEALTH INSURANCE as primary or secondary (no Medicaid plans such as Caresource, Molina, etc.)

  • UpWords Speech Therapy must be OUT-OF-NETWORK with your current health insurance plan

  • You must agree to pay the monthly rate on the first session of the month*

Please call (614) 401-4644 for further details

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