UpWords Speech Therapy provides consultation, evaluation, and treatment. We also provide additional services as group/staff trainings, attendance at IEP meetings, and individual parent coaching. Your initial phone consultation is FREE!

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Phone Consult

During a phone consultation, the family and therapist

discuss questions and concerns. The therapist will ask a

series of questions in order to determine next steps. 

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During an evaluation, the therapist will administer communication tests and make clinical observations in order to determine

a diagnosis. A written report will be provided. A report from

another facility may be used to develop a treatment plan, if completed within the last year.

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After a diagnosis has been determined, the therapist will discuss the plan of care, which includes the nature of the treatment, the frequency, and the length of time recommended.

Other Services

We are also available to provide trainings for parents and staff as well as school-based contracts (click on our "Schools" page for more information). Please call to for rates of service and availability. We also offer attendance at IEP meetings at parent's request.

Online Parent Coaching

Parent coaching is an additional service to specifically support parents. The SLP Parent Coach works one and one with parents to structure and implement home practice techniques. Parent coaching has been shown to accelerate a child's progress in speech therapy.